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Hi there, Maisie here! I have been described by my Best Friend Forever (‘BFF’), ie. my hooman ‘Janet’, as a ‘hooman in a dog suit’!  I have short tan hair, a small/medium frame, big ears and a tremendous appetite for food and water!

Anyway, today I’m heading on a domestic plane trip from Sydney, for me it is a Mystery Flight, so it’s the same routine no matter where in Australia I’m flying!

My ‘BFF’ has already:

  • Booked my flight.
  • Hired or purchased me an ‘Airline Approved’ crate plus
  • Organised transport to the correct Freight Terminal 90mins before my flight.

I recently visited my vet with my ‘BFF’ and got the all clear for me to travel by Air. I’m fit and healthy, so I can cope with being confined for an extended period, but because the Airport can be unfamiliar and noisy, some of my fellow canine, feline and feathered travellers can become stressed, so they should see their Vet for a health check before their ‘BFF’ considers Air travel.

Last night I was given a light dinner, followed up by no breakfast today, just water!  that’s OK for me, I’ll just look forward to my next meal, better than being travel sick!

I do like too be offered a drink before I leave home, plus when I get in and out of the car, I may not par take but it’s always nice to be offered! My ‘BFF’ brings my water and portable pop up drink bowl in her bag!

FYI the Airline’s don’t want me sedated, that’s because they won’t know if I’m sick or not, so it’s best if my eyes are open, my tongue is out too keep me cool and ears up ready for the action.

Why? Do I have to arrive 90 minutes prior to my scheduled flight departure, not earlier or later?  Well it’s best to minimise the time that I spend in the freight terminal where opportunities for water, exercise and toileting are limited or do not exist and on the other paw my ‘BFF’ needs time to check me in.

So now I climb into my Airline approved crate, mine is plastic with screws & nuts on the sides, and a spring-loaded metal door. I can stand in my crate without touching the top of it; I can turn around and lie down comfortably. Bigger stronger canines need a rigid Metal crate (non-collapsible), because they may try and ‘bust out’ of a plastic one! Paws & Claws are NOT welcome on the Runway!

I love my “BFF’ she brings me one of her old shirts to lie on in the crate that smells like her! So if I have an accident in my crate, it doesn’t matter, as it goes in the bin later! And my bed is still clean for when I arrive.

The last thing that happens before flying is the Freight Person puts my flight tag on my crate and cable ties my door shut, I’m glad, I don’t want the wrong person to open my door! Not until my ‘BFF’ meets me at the other end. I’m all-good to fly!

Bon Voyage!

PS. Remember all BFF’s stay calm! we feel Happier then!

For more information on travel with pets and links to Airlines visit www.porters4pets.com.au

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