Woofy Wash Bag

Woofy Wash Bag


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Product Description

the Woofy Wash Bag® is a lingerie bag for Dogs

Your WOOFY WASH BAG® acts as a barrier, trapping pet hair and keeping your washing machine clean.

The WOOFY WASH BAG® is suitable for washing fabric leads, collars, coats, harnesses, clothing, towels, cushion covers, fleeces and soft toys.

Place your pet’s laundry in WOOFY WASH BAG®, machine wash and dry as normal. Turn your WOOFY WASH BAG® inside out, shake ready for re-use.

Large Size (400mm x 600mm) – is suitable for washing your pets jumper, coat, towel, bed cover etc.

Medium Size (350mm x 460mm) – is suitable for washing your pets, PJ’s, pets fabric collar, lead, harness, toys, tennis balls etc.


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Large- Towel|Jumper wash bag, Medium -Harness wash bag


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